St. Eligius Hospital, nicknamed St. Elsewhere, is a decaying urban teaching hospital in Boston's South End neighborhood.

St. Eligius was founded in 1935 by Father Joseph McCabe, a Roman Catholic priest who took on the responsibility of caring for the city's needy. In January 1956, the City of Boston bought the hospital from the church.

The hospital got its nickname because when the poor of the city went to other hospitals in the area, they were told to go "elsewhere." Those refused service at other hospitals, however, were welcomed warmly at St. Eligius Hospital.

Upon entering the facility, visitors were greeted by a white statue of St. Eligius (patron saint of artists and craftsman) which stood prominently with arms outstretched in the hospital's lobby.

On the cliffhanger finale of the 1986-1987 season, the hospital was sold to a large business concern and the building was slated for demolition. The closing scene of episode "Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball" showed a wrecking ball about to smash into the edifice of St. Eligius Hospital.

Luckily in fall season of 1987-88 season, the hospital was saved from destruction when it was purchased by the Ecumena Hospitals Corporation, a private- for profit-health care organization. At the end of the series, Ecumena sold the hospital back to the City of Boston.