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Good looking and well liked, though a bit of a cad, Samuels was a surgeon who seemed to spend as much time pursuing his female colleagues as treating patients. (In the pilot episode, he learns that he has contracted gonorrhea, and is forced to break the news with his many sex partners at St. Eligius, some of whom he cannot even remember.) He is, however, compassionate and cares greatly about his patients (particularly a nine-year old boy whom he bonds with, who later dies after a routine surgery). Toward the end of season 1, his former lover arrives at St. Eligius (after having spent time in the Peace Corps), and they renew their relationship, but ultimately it does not work out, as the factors that led them to break up the first time again become apparent. He later has a fling with Annie Cavenero, but is gone without explanation as season 2 begins.